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We specialize in producing all kinds of springs – torsion springs, tension springs, compression springs, flat springs, battery contact, power springs and shaped springs. Products are widely used in the production of automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, machinery, sporting goods, equipment and toys and other fields. ISO 9001 certified.

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing an expansive selection of custom springs tailoring to clients’ specification, Kentzy is definitely qualified to be your source for custom springs, including compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, and die springs. For more information, please contact us now and our experienced team will respond to your inquiry promptly.

Full-Range of Springs Supported:

  • Compression Springs
  • Extension Springs
  • Torsion Springs
  • Die Springs

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Compression Springs

Compression Springs, also known as helical or coil compression springs, are manufactured into different body shapes such as conical or concave springs, convex springs or tapered springs.

Most coil compression springs are made from round wire, but they can be made from square, rectangular, or several other uncommon wire shapes that are specific to various functions.

Extension Springs

An extension spring absorbs and stores energy and provides resistance to a pull force. All extension springs, or tension springs, are made similar in geometry. They are typically closed coil wound with the ends being fabricated to fit into specific design requirements.

Most extension springs are wound with an initial tension. This is the internal force that holds the coils tightly together. The initial tension is measured as the load necessary to overcome the internal force and start to separate the coils. The end configurations can be manipulated into any shape and size, but the most popular designs are the machine hook, crossover hook, side hook, and extended hook; the final design depends on the application.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are helical springs that make use of their torque or rotational force. Torsion springs typically have ends or legs that, when rotated or twisted about their center, store energy and offer resistance to an external, applied force. The allowable torsion for each spring is dependent on the allowable bending and torsional stresses of the wire. Torsion springs are usually closely-wound and will reduce in coil diameter as well as increase in body length during rotation or angular deflection.

Torsion springs or torsional springs are used in many different devices and are typically found in major household appliances, medical devices, military/aerospace devices, and more.

Die Springs

A double torsion spring is a spring that combines two separate torsion springs into one unit. It consists of two sets of coils: one wound clockwise, the other counterclockwise, and they are bridged at the middle. The total force of a double torsion spring is equal to the sum of the forces of the individual springs. Torsion springs or torsional springs and double torsion springs have a wide range of applications and are typically found in all major household appliances, medical devices, military/aerospace devices, and more.

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