About Us
Electronic Component Distributor & Manufacturer

Kentzy International, Inc. (Kentzy) is both an independent component distributor and manufacturing representative in supporting OEM’s and CEM’s globally. Over the years, Kentzy has established a strong global network with a variety of vendors, enabling us to support differing client requirements. We utilize our vast sourcing experience to optimize the unique supply chains of our clients.

As a premier global supply chain partner, Kentzy provides solutions that increase your net profit while reducing your risk in global electronic component distribution. Kentzy is known for our experience and market insight, as well as our up-front, proactive and responsive approach to service with an unwavering commitment to quality. It is our primary goal to be your one-stop, cost saving solution.

Kentzy has successfully served over 100 clients worldwide by providing different levels of sourcing services. We represent and provide a variety products and services including but not limited to custom magnetics, PCB’s, custom connectors, terminal blocks, metal stamping, machining, injection molding, tooling, custom cable assembly and aggregate electronic manufacturing services. We have developed an extensive qualified supplier database and a unique sourcing process. Continuously, we improve by bench-marking our own service standards in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We truly understand the importance of communication. Our efficient and effective communication with clients and suppliers has historically fostered great benefits and success. With over 50 years of experience, Kentzy is confident in delivering exceptional sourcing services at competitive prices. In the global aggregate of manufacturing services, Kentzy strives to be your one and only business solution.

Certifications & Awards

Kentzy International, Inc is a highly acclaimed and accredited manufacturing representative and obsolete electronic component distributor.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
National Minority Suppliers Development Council
Texas SBA
Our History

October 2009
Business Launched
Business started at home base in West Des Moines, Iowa & Dallas, Texas.
November 2009
Business Started As An Independent Electronic Component Distributor
Electric Components
September 2010
Business Entity Incorporation
Business Incorporation
Due to Increasing Demand, Kentzy International was Incorporated as a Business Entity.
October 2010
Expanded Our Service to Clients in Southeast Asia
Our business venture expanded into international markets, beginning from the highest potential market, Southeast Asia.
November 2011
Business Expansion
Electric Components
Expanded our business into custom manufacturing services including custom cable over-molding, custom inductor coil production, precision tooling support (CNC) and etc.
January 2013
New Achievement!
New Achievement
Business operations expanded to supplying components in support of various industries such as oil & gas, fleet management, military, medical and solar power conversion industry!
March 2013
Certification Awarded
Kentzy received the certification of Targeted Small Business from Iowa Economic Development Authority!
July 2015
Kentzy Asia Established
Kentzy Asia established in Penang, Malaysia due to the tremendous growth in our Asia customer base.
April 2017
Relocation to Frisco, Texas
Kentzy Headquarters moved to one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Frisco, Texas.
May 2017
On Site Inventory Stocking Program Launched
Highly efficient inventory management services offered to customers in avoiding critical stock-outs and increase the overall productivity.
February 2018
Engaged in obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification
Started to engage a registrar with the goal of obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification within a span of 6 months.
April 2018
Company Headquarters relocated to Allen, TX
Kentzy International, Inc. located in Allen, TX
Kentzy Headquarters relocated to one of the fastest developing cities, Allen, Texas.
July 2018
ISO Certification Awarded
Kentzy is awarded the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation as a reputable manufacturing representative and obsolete electronic component distributor.
November 2018
Engaging with SIEMENS USA with new lugs (Increased product variation)
siemens lugs
Assisting Siemens USA with increasing demand of developing from 10-SKUs to 25-SKUs within a year production lines with UL certification.
December 2018
HUB / SBE / MBE Certified
Received TEXAS SBA and Minority Owned Business Certification / SBE / MBE
November 2019
Awarded Minority Owned Small Business Supplier of the year.
Kentzy received recognition from SIEMENS for being the overall best supplier under the MBE category.
December 2019
Taking on more production variation to support OEMs
Expand Electronics Components business and Siemens product line increase to 180-SKUs
March 2020
Supported PPE to the Medical/Automotive/Construction Industry
Supplied PPE to various industries, as well as donated to AACPA/Operation Care.
January 2021
Dive into Aerospace Industries
Kentzy started working and obtained new customers in the Aerospace Industry.
April 2021
New Milestone achieved.
Kentzy hitting new milestones by exporting US steelworks
August 2022
Kicking off into AS9120B
Preparing to obtain Aerospace Certification within a year.
September 2022
Kentzy Asia Expansion
Expanded Kentzy Asia by purchasing 20Ksqft Industrial lot for future expansion
March 2023
AS9120B / ISO 9001-2015 Certified
June 2023
Office/warehouse expansion
Extended additional 5,000sqft storage areas to Kentzy Texas HQ


Executive management has over 50 years of experience in the aggregate of custom manufacturing and electronic components. 

Additionally, our business acumen, rapport, and advanced problem solving ability fuels long lasting-trusted relationships with our customers.  We never let our customers down.


Our Commitments

With the wherewithal, skill sets, and resources of Kentzy, we definitively possess the capabilities necessary in supporting customer requirements, demand, and unique needs.


Without deviation, we strive to put client welfare as the utmost priority factor.  Kentzy International provides consistent support to source the most efficient business solutions.